President’s Note

  • Dear colleagues,

    Our membership has seen a dramatic increase in the last one year. Our secretariat has been cleaning up the membership lists as we have several members in default of subscriptions. The secretariat has been contacting members to update their subscriptions. I urge members to give our secretariat your cooperation regarding outstanding dues. If you find it difficult to remember to pay your annual subscription, you can always opt for a life membership, as it will be more convenient for you as well as cost effective.

    One of the highlights for this year is the new website that we have created. We had a lot of inefficiencies and problems with the previous website, as members had difficulty getting into the website and paying subscriptions online. We now have a website manager who is able to update our website regularly. Do please check out our new website at If you experience any difficulties with the website, or wish to change your details, please contact the OGSM secretariat. I would like to extend my appreciation to our secretariat for having got the website online and revamping it.

    We had some problems with our banking facilities as our accounts were frozen due to inactivity and also there was a change in the signatories for the account. All those have already been resolved and the accounts are now active again.

    During the last AGM, some amendments to the constitution were made. We are still in the midst of discussing with the Registrar of Societies (ROS) on these amendments.

    We have had a busy year this year with more than 25 activities going on. I have listed below the list of MSART events that we have held over the last one year.

    117/04/2013HCP Launch of Gonal F Family of Pen by Dr Geoff Trew
    218/05/2013TMC Puchong Forum - Boosting Fertility
    313/07/2013TMC Puchong Forum - Stress & Infertility
    418/07/2013Media Launch - Hope For A Child Campaign
    5Aug-13APAC Fertility Awareness Week in Aug - Advert on Feminine Female Wanita The Star Sin Chew Jit Poh Metro Harian
    625-30/8/2013WebCongress by Prof Zainul on Fertility Awareness Week
    724/08/2013Damai Fertility Forum - Trying to Conceive by Dr Lu Yee
    825-26/08/2013What is Fertility?
    927-28/08/2013Myths Misconceptions and Barriers to Fertility
    1029-30/08/2013Access and Options to Infertility Treatment
    1103/09/2013Interview with Bernama Today - Hope For A Child Campaign
    1221/09/2013TMC Puchong Forum - Boosting Fertility
    1324/09/2013Interview with BELLA NTV7 - Hope For A Child Campaign
    1405/10/2013Prince Court Fertility Forum - Fertility.... A dream come true by Dr Paul Tay
    1516 & 17/11/2013Meet the Expert by Prof Peter Humaidan (Dinner Symposium)
    1623/11/2013TMC Puchong Forum - Boosting Fertility
    1715/12/2013Sunfert Fertility Forum - Trying to conceive? by Dr Wong & Dr Lim Lei Jun
    1818 & 19/2/2013Webinar on Progesterone Treatment Updates
    1911/03/2013Webinar on Progesterone Treatment Updates
    2002/05/2013NTV7 Breakfast Show - Fertility Awareness
    2104/06/2013Webinar on LH Supplementation Updates
    2220/07/2013Practice Integration Workshop III @ Le Meridien Hotel KL
    2321/07/2013Practice Integration Workshop III @ Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang
    2419/09/2013The role of uterine contractions and use of pharmaco agents in repeated implantation failure by Dr Ernest Ng
    2529/11/2013HCG LH and Progesterone during ovarian stimulation; The good one the bad one and the ugly one

    I am glad to inform everyone that we were successful in our bid to host ASPIRE. The ASPIRE executive board has discussed the possibility of holding the ASPIRE 2017 in Malaysia. We have already written to them to express our interest to hold it. We shall be discussing with them at length during the next ASPIRE Conference in Brisbane in April 2014. We have already booked the hall for the venue in KLCC in April 2017. We are also in discussions with Dr Kanappan and Dr Murizah from the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) to help them to organize the Malaysian Reproductive Medicine Congress in 2015. We also participated in the recent initiative by the Ministry of Health under Bahagian Amalan Perubatan on the issues pertaining to the new laws in Reproductive Medicine in Malaysia. That law is to be enacted soon.

    We have a number of activities that we are planning for 2014. The interesting highlights would be a seminar that we planned to have for clinicians. We are also considering having a training session for gynaecologists who wish to sub-specialize in fertility. A pre-congress workshop in infertility is also being discussed for the upcoming AOFOG congress in 2015. Our AGM is planned for sometime in March 2014, following which Dr Haris Hamzah will take over as the new president.  All in all, this has been an exciting year for us and we are very excited about the year ahead. Do please look out for announcements in the newsletter and website. I would once again like to remind all members to pay their annual subscription fees and update their membership details.

    May I take this opportunity to wish all members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Thank you.

    Dr Surinder Singh


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